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About us

Paris Real Estate - Buy and Sell Property with FlatHunter

What do we do?

Flat Hunter® finds the best properties for buyers across a wide price range, both in Paris and its suburbs.

Whatever your search - something out of the ordinary, the right investment property, a diamond in the rough, or a simple place to hang your hat - we can help. Finding the best match for your needs is difficult whatever search criteria may be because the best is always in demand, and in the current market, it sells quickly—often even before it is publicly advertised. Moreover, because there is no market-wide database of properties for sale (like the multiple listing system in the United States), even finding the properties by searching the numerous print and Internet resources is an almost unmanageable task.

Because we’re the best at what we do, our service ensures:

  • you see only the best properties, tailored to your needs
  • you get there before someone else does
  • there are no hidden problems
  • you don’t overpay - you’ll be paying for quality, not inflated market values.


You get what you want! Our proprietary relationships with estate agents, property managers, and other property sources give our clients preferential access to the best properties on the market. Flat Hunter® never shares the commission with the seller’s agent, so we are neutral as to from whom you buy. We remain a repeat, and therefore preferred, buyer to many of the property agents and dealers around.

How are we different?

Other buyer’s agents say they provide the same service, but many clients come to us after a frustrating experience elsewhere.

Individual search agents are restricted to a single pair of hands, and many companies are not independent but instead the buying-arm of an estate agent. Moreover, as many buyer services cater solely to an international clientele, these services usually ignore the substantial market of private sales, finding properties through a limited number of agents, and presenting properties at prices higher than those for local buyers.

Flat Hunter® is the oldest and most experienced buyer’s agent in Paris and the first to provide comprehensive property search services throughout France. Flat Hunter® was the brainchild of a real estate agent frustrated at being unable to provide real service for buyers, and at a market holding buyers captive to its lack of visibility, and accurate, complete information. Modeled after such services abroad, we remain the market leader in our field with intimate knowledge of the property market, extensive contacts and primary access to the best properties, and an unwavering commitment to quality and service.

Flat Hunter® is a service company, not a property company. Our service is finding the ideal property for our clients - not just any property, but the one that really suits their needs in the right amount of time and with the best possible terms and price. Our past clients recommend us not only because they can see these qualities in the services we provide, nor because of our long-standing experience, but because, most importantly, we get results.



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