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Paris may be known as the City of Light, but it's also a City where lovers of language, architecture, history, culture and cuisine will find plenty to keep them occupied.

Paris is divided in two by the river Seine: ‘rive droite’ (right bank) is to the North, and ‘rive gauche’ (left bank) is to the South.

The city has 20 districts or arrondissements, beginning in the centre with the 1st arrondissement and spiralling out clockwise to the 20th arrondissement. The city is restrained by its ring road (Peripherique).

Much of central Paris dates back to the 13th century and before, the most common architecture having been introduced by Baron Haussmann (1853-1868). Remnants of the medieval era remain, mainly in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th arrondissements, with more modern buildings on the outskirts and in some more central areas due to redevelopment projects.

The suburbs, or “banlieue,’’ are generally calmer than the city, providing more spacious and affordable properties in a greener environment. The western suburbs (Neuilly, Boulogne, St Germain en Laye, Le Pecq, Le Vesinet, Chatou, Reuil Malmaison, Poissy, Maisons Laffittes, Versailles, Garches, Vaucresson, St Cloud, Celle St Cloud Bougival, Croissy sur Seine, Bailly, Marly) are the most sought-after, due primarily to their excellent public transport connections, international schools, relative lack of industry in the area and the river Seine with its green, parkland areas.

Commuting time to Paris can range from 25 minutes to over an hour by car, depending on the time of day, although with public transport you are rarely more than 45 minutes from central Paris and its primary business areas.

Our property search consultants cover both Paris and its immediate catchment area, so please contact us for additional information on the suburbs.


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