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Flat Hunter® Property Search Experts: rely on the N°1 in the property search business and take advantage of our ten years of experience!

You live in Paris, but you are overworked and do not have the time to engage in a search that is lengthy, cumbersome and often disappointing…

You live outside of Paris or abroad and cannot visit easily…

Do you want to buy your principal residence, an investment property, or a pied-à-terre?

Our Property Search Experts seek and find the one that best matches your personal criteria and your lifestyle.

Are you the head of a company or a professional and have very little time to find business locations?

We find the space best adapted to your specific needs.

Are you looking to invest in real estate for your children, wealth and/or tax reasons?

We offer you tailored service, 100% ready to go.

The diversity of supply and the multitude of means of sale represent an obstacle to finding good quality. Through an innovative approach, we perform an individualized and up to date service that allows you access to the property as soon as possible and under the best conditions, all with enthusiasm and while avoiding hassle.


Transform your purchase with an effective and pleasant approach, while taking advantage of the many benefits offered by Flat Hunter®.

After completing the Buyer Form, you will soon be contacted by a member of our management team who will work with you to clarify your search criteria, explain our approach, and then send along a commercial proposal for our services.

If you would like to know the amount of our fees without filling out the form (which is non-binding), you can also contact us directly by telephone or by email.

We will accompany you at each step of your project in accordance with our charter of quality: don’t hesitate to visit the ‘Process’ Page of our website to better understand our approach and to view an illustrated demonstration on the ‘Example’ page.

We thank you for your interest in Flat Hunter® and we hope to be able to soon count you among our many former clients who have contributed to our reputation, widely acclaimed by the press.


Flat Hunter® Property Search Experts:
The best solution for Paris real estate

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